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Kriya Lightning Foundation - Facilitator - Gaspard Fougea

Gaspard Fougea


Gaspard is a meditation teacher, Kriya Lightning facilitator, mathematician, computer science researcher and multi-instrumentalist.

Gaspard finished high school at 16 and entered the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris at the age of 18.

After receiving a bachelor's degree in fundamental mathematics and a master’s with the highest honours in Game Theory, Optimisation, and Economic Modeling, he started traveling in Asia to find solutions for his restless mind, chronic migraines, and different physical ailments. His first Vipassana meditation retreat solved a year-long back pain that Western specialists hadn’t cured. As his passion for introspection grew, he met Chris in India in 2015 who inspired him to pursue the path towards inner freedom.


Gaspard has been teaching and offering emotional release sessions since 2017. He has now offered more than 1500 private and group sessions. In 2020, he started his own business to teach meditation and introspective practices for participants in French, in which he has offered more than 300 group workshops and guided meditations, supporting more than 200 people.


In 2023, he began a PhD in the modeling of consciousness in the context of mathematics and computer sciences at a joint lab of Centre National de Recherche Supérieure (CNRS) and Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris-Saclay. 

In his free time, Gaspard enjoys composing music, playing piano, guitar, and percussion, singing, spending time in nature, and playing sports.

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