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Introduction Classes

1.5 hours 


Introduction classes provide an understanding of the Open Awareness technique, which is a self-guided practice and a foundational part of our offerings, as well as an introduction to the emotional release work. A facilitator guides the participant through the self-practice technique and offers a space for questions and clarification.

Awakening Workshops

2 hours 


The Awakening Workshops are group emotional release workshops offered online. Each workshop includes a discussion of the topic, tools for self-practice, Q&A, and an in-depth guided emotional release session to let go of limiting beliefs, stress, and blocks in this area.


To date, we've offered 130+ of these 2-hour workshops, on over 55 topics, including Happiness, Creativity, Forgiveness, Purpose, and Self-Love.


These workshops started as extra support online during the difficult period of the pandemic, to provide help that people could access wherever they were in the world. Due to popular demand, we've continued to offer them once or twice a month, for multiple timezones.

1:1 Sessions

20 min - 2 hours

Online & In-Person

1:1 sessions are offered as extra support on specific topics that individuals find challenging. In these guided sessions, facilitators support with a combination of practices: Open Awareness, emotional release, meditation, yogic techniques, pranayama, and Heart's Truth. 


*As these sessions are limited in availability, we ask that applicants spend a minimum of 2 weeks using the Open Awareness Self-Practice on their chosen topic before requesting extra support.

1 day - 3 weeks


For more information on Kriya Lightning retreats, learn more here.


We offer international in-person retreats for those who are interested in a deeper process of inner work. During a retreat, we explore, work on, and inquire into a wide variety of topics. Over days, weeks, or months, we let go of blocks, limiting thought patterns, and stress, in order to move into greater harmony, happiness, and inner wellbeing.


These intensive retreats offer deep transformation and are only available to those who are practiced and familiar with the Open Awareness and emotional release techniques.

40 min - 1 day 

Online & In-Person

We love collaborating with NGOs, social enterprises, charities, and local communities to support happiness and wellbeing!

If you are interested in booking a custom workshop, please contact us here.

We offer in-person and online workshops to support mental wellbeing, tailored to the specific needs of a particular group. These classes can cover a wide range of topics, such as stress release, self-care, mindfulness, emotional health, and mental clarity.

Mental Wellness Workshops

Meditation Classes

30 min - 2 hours 

Online & In-Person

We teach a wide range of meditative practices to help quiet the mind. Our experienced facilitators offer support to cultivate peace, lower stress, relax the body, improve sleep, rest into meditative states, and enhance mindfulness and awareness. Classes support individuals of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

If you are interested in our corporate wellness programs for your company,

please contact us here.

Corporate Wellness

40 min - 2 hours

Online & In-Person

Corporate wellness workshops are educational sessions or training programs designed specifically for employees within a corporate setting. These workshops aim to promote and improve employee well-being, health, and overall work-life balance. 

Kriya Lightning Foundation - Thailand Retreat
Kriya Lightning Foundation - Bali Retreat - Kayu Mama
Kriya Lightning Foundation - Meditation Workshop - Light On Charity - Hong Kong
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