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Introduction to Basic Techniques


The Introduction to Basic Techniques class provides a clear understanding of the Open Awareness technique and emotional release work.

In an intro, a Kriya Lightning facilitator guides participants through the theory and practice of these two techniques, while offering a space for questions and clarification.

This class is a prerequisite for the online Awakening Workshops, 1:1 sessions, and in-person retreats offered by the Kriya Lightning Foundation.

Part I: Open Awareness


Open Awareness is a simple meditative release technique that can be used to gently let go of attachments and resistances so that we experience life from a freer and happier space.

Through this practice, we are better able to respond to life with compassion, wisdom, and joy, experiencing greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Part II: Emotional Release


We offer emotional release work to bring awareness to and let go of what we are holding inside that is blocking us from experiencing deeper peace, lightness and freedom in all areas of our lives. 

By releasing these attachments and limitations within us, we experience more of our natural state which is peace, love, joy, and happiness.

Class Structure

Part I: Open Awareness
1. Theory

2. Technique

3. Guided Practice & Questions

Part II: Emotional Release Work
​1. Theory

2. Technique

3. Guided Release & Questions

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