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Practices & Techniques

Open Awareness

Open Awareness is a meditative release technique that can be used to gently let go of attachments and resistances so that we experience life from a freer and happier space.

This original technique is the culmination of 10 years of refinement into a simple self-practice that allows practitioners to rest into spaces of increasing awareness, clarity, and ease.


Through this practice, we are better able to respond to life with compassion, wisdom, and joy, experiencing greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us.


We teach a variety of meditation techniques to calm and quiet the mind.

Meditation can help us develop self-awareness, clarity, and creativity while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.  

With meditation, our Awareness grows, as does our capacity to act from a space of harmony, non-attachment and compassion.


Emotional Release

By releasing the attachments and limitations within us, we experience more of our natural state which is peace and happiness.


In 1:1 and group settings, we offer emotional release work to bring awareness to and let go of what we are holding inside that is blocking us from experiencing deeper peace, lightness and freedom in all areas of our lives. 

Yogic Techniques & Pranayama

We teach tools and techniques from the ancient systems of yoga and pranayama, to clear, purify, and revitalise our bodies in a supportive and stable way.


Yogic practices help to support the overall wellbeing of our thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Our emphasis is on the energetic components of Hatha Yoga.


Heart's Truth

Heart's Truth, often referred to as "intuition", is the movement of our own inner voice, guiding each of us to harmony and happiness.


While many tap into this space intermittently, there is a way to be in constant connection with this movement of our own higher consciousness.


The Heart’s Truth method is a step-by-step process of clarification that our founders have been testing since 2006.

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