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Corporate Wellness Workshops

What Are Corporate Wellness Workshops?

Corporate wellness workshops are educational sessions or training programs designed specifically for employees within a corporate setting. These workshops aim to promote and improve employee well-being, health, and overall work-life balance.


Our corporate wellness programs effectively target and support the mental, emotional and physical well-being of corporate professionals in Hong Kong and abroad. We work with companies to reduce stress levels and improve the overall wellness of their employees, leading to healthier, happier, and more creative teams.

Importance of Corporate Wellness Workshops in Hong Kong

Corporate wellness workshops are important for promoting employee health, well-being, and engagement within an organisation. Our meditation and mindfulness classes in Hong Kong provide teachings and training on various aspects of mental wellness, emotional health and stress management. By addressing these areas, workshops can help employees adopt healthy habits, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.


For a company, investing in employee wellness initiatives can significantly improve company morale, support positive work environments, increase productivity, and help employees achieve healthy mental states.

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Corporate Wellness Programme with KLF


In the past few years, we have received an increasing number of requests for corporate mindfulness classes and wellness workshops for professionals. Our corporate wellness programs are tailored to help reduce stress and promote positive mental health.


Here are some of the corporate wellness offerings we can provide for companies in Hong Kong:

Open Awareness Technique for Stress Release

Our Open Awareness technique is an original and simple meditative technique that we have refined over a period of 10 years. This practice can be used to release stress, support clearer decision making, and promote greater emotional balance and health. Practitioners often describe feeling lighter, calmer and more clear after using the technique, which has shown very positive feedback from corporate and creative professionals.

Mindfulness Meditation


We teach a variety of meditation techniques to help calm the mind, relax the body, and come into the present moment. Our certified and experienced meditation teachers help guide practitioners through various practices that encourage peace, presence, and relaxation.

Emotional Release Workshops

Our Emotional Release Workshops aim to bring awareness to and release emotional blockages that hinder deeper peace, lightness, and freedom in all aspects of life. By letting go of these blocks and limitations, you can experience more of your natural state of peace and happiness. Emotional Release Workshops can be tailored to focus on specific topics or areas that a group is interested in.

  • If I want to enrol in a mental wellness retreat, how much will it cost?
    Our retreats are offered without charge. Accessibility is important to us! We believe that everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserves to have access to support and tools that can help them feel happier and freer. Donations are welcomed to help cover the costs of venue rental and operations for retreats. As a non-government funded organisation, we rely on the generosity of individual donations to offer retreats and classes. Donations also help to cover the costs of sponsoring scholarship applicants. Unless otherwise stated, retreat participants are responsible for organising their travel, meals, and accommodation during retreats. All classes during retreats are offered without charge.
  • Are these spiritual retreats religious?
    Our teachings are non-religious and non-dogmatic. We welcome participants from all faiths and backgrounds. We emphasise direct experience and critical thinking. While participants may have spiritual experiences, our general focus is on supporting practitioners to move into inner freedom and happiness. We come from the perspective that the innate nature of each person is consciousness. While this perspective is shared in Yoga and Advaita Vedanta (non-duality), we are not affiliated with a specific religion. For more information on our perspective, feel free to check our teachings page.
  • How can I sign up?
    We only offer a select number of mental wellness retreats per year, each with a limited capacity of participants. Retreats are announced on the website in the Events section, on the Instagram page, and in the Whatsapp Announcements Chat. If you’re interested in attending a specific retreat, please email us!
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    Please note these intensive retreats offer deep transformation and are typically only available to those who are familiar with the Open Awareness and emotional release techniques. You can sign up for an introduction class here. To maximise the benefits of a Kriya Lightning retreat, we recommend joining at least 2 online Awakening Workshops (schedule here) prior to attending an in-person retreat. If you are planning on attending one of our retreats, please ensure that you are physically fit and capable of participating safely. If you have a physical injury or illness, please check with your healthcare provider to ensure that it is safe for you to participate. Also, please make sure your insurance is up to date and disclose any relevant medical information with us before registering for a retreat.
  • What other programs does the Kriya Lightning Foundation offer?
    Apart from free meditation retreats, we also offer online meditation classes, mental wellness workshops, and corporate wellness programs tailored for companies based in Hong Kong.
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