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Our journey started 10 years ago, with looking inside ourselves, seeing emotional discomfort, and observing it until we started feeling better. This became an early version of the self-practice, which has now become the Open Awareness technique. We didn't set out to start a non-profit, we were just trying to find ways to feel happier! When our friends started noticing the changes in us and would ask what we were doing to feel better, we'd share openly.

Sharing freely, without payment, is what felt right, so when our friends started introducing their friends to us, we continued offering in this way. Little by little, things grew via word of mouth, and at some point we found ourselves offering classes to dozens of people while sitting on rocks by the river Ganges in India.

We realised that to keep operating like this, we would need to find a way to support renting venues. In 2019, the Kriya Lightning Foundation was established as a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong, for the purpose of awakening human consciousness and supporting people to live in peace, inner freedom, and happiness. Kriya refers to inner action, and Lightning is a symbol of awareness and insight.

Since then, our small grassroots non-profit has offered 50+ in-person retreats & workshops, had an attendance of 17,000+ for online group classes, worked with 1000+ people from 60+ countries, and given tens of thousands of hours of 1:1 support.

We have also had the honour of training and working with an incredible team of volunteer facilitators who have offered countless sessions in the spirit of selfless service.

Everything we've offered in the past few years - international retreats, hundreds of workshops, thousands of 1:1 sessions - has been free of charge, because we believe that no one should be limited by their financial situation, to have access to tools that can help them feel happier and freer.

Kriya Lightning Foundation - Ariel Lee & Chris Tracy



A kinder, more connected world where people live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature.

To support the awakening of human consciousness and
help people live in peace,
inner freedom, and happiness.











Acting from the heart with loving compassion

Support, service, and selflessness

Earnestness and honesty in all endeavors

Accountability, self-responsibility and ethical integrity

Approaching ourselves and life with openness, inquiry, curiosity, and non-judgement 

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