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Kriya Lightning Foundation - Facilitator - Lizzy Jackson

Lizzy Jackson


Lizzy has been on her inner journey for the past 13 years, starting with yoga and meditation, and traveling in Asia for 6 years to study with masters and yogis. As a Kriya Lightning facilitator, she has given thousands of hours of 1:1 sessions to people across the world, offered large group workshops online during the pandemic, and dedicated her life to supporting others. 

Trained as a professional dancer in her youth, Lizzy went to drama school in London and at age 18, was awarded a prestigious dance scholarship.  In her second year, she was hit by an automobile and suffered multiple spine injuries, which derailed her dance career. After this, Lizzy battled with depression and worked in various industries including travel, PR and marketing for a hair brand, coordinating events for London fashion shows, and managing a large beauty salon. At age 38, Lizzy started doing yoga. In 2017, as a single mother living in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, while between jobs, she decided to focus on her emotional well-being and do a 200 hr yoga teacher training. Lizzy traveled to Rishikesh, a city in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas where she met Chris, Gaspard and Keith.


In 2018, Lizzy attended 2 retreats in Thailand offered by Ariel and Chris, which fundamentally changed her in a positive way, and inspired her to deepen her meditation practice. Lizzy has since traveled to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, dedicated to her self-growth every step of the way. Lizzy is the first person to graduate from the KLF Basic Training Program and in 2021 launched her personal emotional well-being and coaching business where she works with clients from all over the world, as a healer and teacher of emotional release work.


When not working, Lizzy can be found walking barefoot, hugging trees, hanging out at waterfalls and attending ecstatic dance (or any dance that she can find)!

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