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Kriya Lightning Foundation - Chris Tracy

Chris Tracy

Co-Founder & Director

Chris is the co-founder of the Kriya Lightning Foundation and the creator of the original teachings and techniques taught by the non-profit.

Chris was first introduced to meditation at 14 years old while attending boarding school in California. A lifelong sports enthusiast, he had an athletic injury in 2005 which served as a catalyst to deepen his meditation practice. After receiving his M.A. (Honours) in Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh, Chris worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, where he realised that he would not find happiness in the business world. With this understanding, he began traveling in order to ‘find inspiration’. This led him to Bali, where an experience in a meditation class changed his life. He realised that the happiness he was searching for in the outside world was actually something he could find within. Looking for answers, and a way to naturally heal his back, Chris traveled for six years through India, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia, studying different lineages of yoga, meditation, and inner work. 


In late 2013, Chris discovered the first version of the Open Awareness technique while in meditation. After becoming a 300 hour certified meditation teacher, Chris dedicated himself fully to his inner work. Upon discovering insights that led to greater happiness, he began sharing freely with those around him. These insights would become the core teachings, philosophies and techniques that the KLF now offer.


Chris is dedicated to helping people come out of mental and emotional suffering. He is passionate that financial constraints should not be a barrier to happiness, so all public KLF retreats, courses and individual sessions are offered free of charge. He creates the original programs, teachings and techniques that the non-profit offers, leads the Advanced Training Program, and personally supports each Kriya Lightning facilitator with years of training.


In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with Ariel, relaxing with friends, sports, meditating, and being in nature.

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