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Kriya Lightning Foundation - Ariel Lee

Ariel Lee

Co-Founder & Director

Ariel is the co-founder of the Kriya Lightning Foundation, and runs all operations, business development, and creative design. She has over a decade of yoga and meditation experience, and has been teaching emotional release work and the original Kriya Lightning techniques for over 7 years. 

Ariel grew up in Hong Kong, in a family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists. From a young age, Ariel was focused on creative pursuits and building in the material world. After receiving awards from World Vision and National Geographic for photography and filmmaking in high school, she attended the University of Southern California, where she received a B.A. in International Relations and Entrepreneurship with honors. While in college, Ariel worked as the creative director of a restaurant and started a graphic design venture specializing in brand identity, working with musical artists from EMI, Def Jam and Refune records. In 2012, she co-founded a tech startup that won USC’s New Venture Seed Competition. In 2013, this music discovery app was acquired by Live Nation Entertainment. 


Throughout this, Ariel struggled with intense self-pressure and self-judgment, and found her life changed after attending her first yoga class in 2008 with Cheri Rae, the founder of Peace Yoga Gallery in Los Angeles. She left the business world in 2014 to pursue a deeper spiritual practice, studying ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga and meditation in India and Thailand. Along with her partner Chris, Ariel has since dedicated her life to helping others find peace and inner freedom. 


Ariel is passionate about the environment and supporting local organic farmers. In her spare time, she enjoys learning languages, vegan baking, and playing music.

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