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Kriya Lightning Foundation - Project Manager - Frederico Viana

Frederico Viana

Project Manager

Freddy is a project manager at the Kriya Lightning Foundation with an MBA from FGV (São Paulo), a certified yoga teacher, and an international dance teacher. 

Born and raised in Brazil, Frederico (Freddy to his friends) is an engineer by training. Having spent 10 years as a chemical engineer and sales manager at a Swedish company, Freddy found himself constantly ill and unhappy, despite having a stable and successful career. He left on a sabbatical to pursue self-discovery and travel, in hopes of finding healing. 


A dance teacher since 2001, Freddy taught Forró (a Brazilian dance) at European festivals for 6 months, before arriving in Rishikesh in 2016, where he completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. He volunteered for 2 months in karma yoga programs at yoga TTC schools in Rishikesh and Nepal to deepen his understanding of yoga. Simultaneously, his interest in photography deepened into a passion. This year was such an eye-opening experience that Freddy decided not to return to his office job.


In 2017, he went back to India to continue studying yoga. He felt something was missing - although his life had improved considerably, true peace and happiness still seemed out of reach. A meditation teacher recommended the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, which Freddy devoured overnight on a bus to Pushkar, having a strong feeling that the innocent stories from Yogananda could one day be a part of his life. A week later, he met Chris, Ariel, and other friends, and his life took a great turn. He was introduced to meditation and healing practices that opened up a new perspective on life and health.


From that point forward, he dedicated himself to facing emotions within him that he had suppressed for decades. He attended almost every KLF retreat since 2017, practiced the techniques consistently, and continued to study Hatha Yoga in India. There, he met his Danish wife Line, and together they have grown through a conscious partnership that has redefined his understanding of relationships.


These experiences have sparked a desire in Freddy to give back, using the tools that had helped him restore his own physical, emotional, and mental well-being. In his free time, Freddy loves traveling, trekking in nature with mountains and waterfalls, landscape photography and reading sci-fi books.

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