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The Kriya Lightning Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers free teachings, private healing sessions and international retreats to all those who seek awakening and inner freedom.

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Awakening the individual awakens the world


Founded in 2019, the Kriya Lightning Foundation (KLF) offers teachings and support in two specialized areas: transcending ego (attachments) and connecting with Heart's Truth (intuition). 


Through this path of self-awakening and self-guidance, we shift into greater states of freedom, love, peace and clarity, in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. 

Open Awareness is a method that can be used to transcend any aspect of ego.  This includes intense experiences of ego such as anger, fear, or anxiety, to subtler ones, such as attachments, beliefs, or thoughts. 

As the ego is the source of all suffering and illusion that exists in the world, what we are presenting is a method to become free from all suffering and illusion that exists in an individual's experience.

Heart's Truth, often referred to as 'intuition', is the movement of our own inner voice, guiding each of us to our highest happiness and deepest fulfillment.

While many tap into this space intermittently, there is a way to be in constant connection and alignment with this movement of our own higher consciousness.



* An introduction session is required before attending any of these offerings


While we recommend the Open Awareness Self-Practice as the primary form of release, we are happy to offer extra 1:1 support for people who are facing difficult or complicated topics. 

In 1:1 guided sessions, Kriya Lightning teachers offer support in specific areas and personal topics by bringing awareness to unconscious movements, patterns, and positions of the ego that are ready to be released.


We offer online group release sessions on a weekly basis to support the processing of large collective topics.  In these classes, we break down and offer insights into major egoic movements

to facilitate deep releases on the mental, emotional, and energetic levels. 


We offer international in-person retreats for those who are ready for a more rapid process of awakening.  Over days, weeks, or months, we explore our deeply embedded pains, patterns, and conditioning, to awaken ourselves and fundamentally shift our experience of life. 

These intensive retreats offer deep transformation and are only available to those who are practiced and familiar with the

Open Awareness and Heart's Truth techniques.

For more information on Kriya Lightning retreats, or if you are interested in hosting in your country, please contact us here.



If you are interested in these offerings,  you are welcome to sign up for an online group introduction to Open Awareness.

The only requirement for this work is a willingness to look within

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Your donations allow us to offer our work entirely for free.

100% of your donations go to:

  • Covering the costs of holding free-of-charge international intensive healing workshops and retreats around the world

  • Supporting highly-trained  volunteer healers and teachers who offer their work in the spirit of selfless service

  • Expanding the system whereby hundreds of individuals receive free support every month through group classes and private sessions

  • Creating educational curriculums that serve humanity through cultivating awareness and individual transformation

  • Providing mental, emotional and energetic relief and guidance for specialized and severe circumstances

  • Operating the foundation and ensuring that a modern path of awakening is available to all those who are ready to transcend ego

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Your gift enables us to continue giving.

Thank you for supporting 

this movement of awakening.

Credit Card: If you would like to donate via credit card, please use the secure form on the left.


Bank Transfer: If you would like to donate via bank transfer, please contact us via the Contact Form below

 or email us at for instructions. 

Credit Card: If you would like to donate

via card, please use the secure form below.


Bank Transfer: Please contact us with the Contact Form or email

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