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The Kriya Lightning Foundation is an international non-profit organization that offers free teachings, private sessions and group retreats to all those who seek happiness and inner freedom.

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Inner peace leads to outer peace



Founded in 2019 in Hong Kong, the Kriya Lightning Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to support the wellbeing, harmony and happiness of humans everywhere.


We hope to create a kinder and more connected world where everyone has the tools and resources they need to find inner peace and happiness.

We believe that no person should be limited by their financial background or situation on this journey. That is why we offer all of our teachings, classes, workshops, and courses completely free of charge

Explore the 2020-2022 Impact Report for an in-depth review of our programs, impact, and financials from the last 3 years

We work with people from all walks of life.


We are happy to meet people who are new to meditation and inner work! We offer simple, step-by-step instructions to build a clear and stable foundation, so that new students can learn, practice and fully understand the basics. No prior experience is necessary.


The only requirement is a gentle willingness to look within.

Advanced Practitioners

We offer more in-depth teachings and trainings for those with an extensive background in meditation or spiritual practices. 


We have a multi-year intensive training for serious students, and are currently designing a teacher certification course for the Open Awareness method. 

Charities & NGOs

We love to help those who are helping others! We offer specialised workshops for charity workers and charitable organisations that focus on aiding disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society. 

Practices & Techniques

Open Awareness

Open Awareness is a practice that can be used to release any aspect of the ego.


This meditative release technique can be used to let go of attachments and resistances, so that we experience life from a freer and happier space.


This original technique is the culmination of 10 years of refinement into a simple self-practice that moves practitioners into a space of effortless awareness and clarity.


We teach a variety of meditation techniques to calm, soothe, and quiet the mind.

Practicing meditation can help us develop our self-awareness, clarity and creativity, while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

With meditation, our Awareness grows, as does our capacity to act from a space of harmony, non-attachment and compassion.

Emotional Release

By releasing the attachments and limitations within us, we experience more of our natural state which is peace, love, joy, and happiness.


In 1:1 and group settings, we offer emotional release work to bring awareness to and let go of what we are holding inside that is blocking us from experiencing deeper peace, lightness and freedom in all areas of our lives. 

Yoga & Pranayama

We teach tools and techniques from the ancient systems of yoga and pranayama, to clear, purify, and revitalise our bodies in a supportive and stable way.


Yogic practices help to support the overall wellbeing of our thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Our emphasis is on the energetic components of Hatha Yoga.

Heart's Truth

Heart's Truth, often referred to as "intuition", is the movement of our own inner voice, guiding each of us to harmony and happiness.


While many tap into this space intermittently, there is a way to be in constant connection with this movement of our own higher consciousness.


The Heart’s Truth method is a step-by-step process of clarification that our founders have been testing since 2006.

Clouds in the Sky


* An introduction session is required before attending any of these offerings


We offer individual support using the practices of Open Awareness, Emotional Release, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Heart's Truth.


In 1:1 sessions, Kriya Lightning facilitators offer support on specific topics and areas that an individual is interested in working on. As these sessions are limited in availability, we ask that applicants spend a minimum of several weeks using the Open Awareness Self-Practice on their chosen topic before requesting extra support.


We offer in-person and online group classes, workshops and release sessions. These cover a wide variety of topics and techniques, and are tailored to the specific needs and focus of the participants.

For those who are familiar with our release techniques, we offer regular online group sessions that support the release of collective themes.  In these classes, we discuss and offer insights into large movements of the ego to support increased wellbeing, clarity and inner freedom. 


We offer international in-person retreats for those who feel ready for a deeper process of inner work. Over days, weeks, or months, we explore our patterns, attachments, and conditioning, in order to move into greater clarity, awareness and inner wellbeing.

These intensive retreats offer deep transformation and are only available to those who are practiced and familiar with the

Open Awareness and Heart's Truth techniques.

For more information on Kriya Lightning retreats, please contact us here.



If you are interested in these offerings,  you are welcome to sign up for an online group introduction to Open Awareness.

The only requirement for this work is a sincere willingness to look within

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Your donations allow us to offer our work entirely for free.

100% of your donations go to:

  • Covering the costs of holding free-of-charge international retreats and workshops around the world

  • Training volunteer teachers and facilitators who offer themselves in the spirit of service and support

  • Expanding our offerings where hundreds of people receive free support every month through group classes, private sessions and in-person support

  • Creating educational curriculums that serve humanity through cultivating awareness and individual transformation

  • Creating original teachings and techniques to help all those who are searching for inner freedom and happiness

  • Covering administrative, legal, service and operational costs that allow the non-profit to function and continue

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Your gift enables us to continue giving.

Thank you for your support! 

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Credit Card: If you would like to donate

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