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The Kriya Lightning Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers free teachings, workshops, and international retreats to all those who seek happiness and inner freedom.

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Inner peace leads to outer peace

Kriya Lightning Foundation - Dwarahat Mountains (Copyrighted Image)


Founded in 2019 in Hong Kong, the Kriya Lightning Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to support the wellbeing of people everywhere.

We hope to create a kinder and more connected world where everyone has the tools they need to find inner peace and happiness.

We believe that no person should be limited by their financial situation on this journey. 

That is why we offer everything free of charge.

Explore the 2020-2022 Impact Report for an in-depth review of our programs, impact, and financials from the last 3 years

Kriya Lightning Foundation - Ariel Lee & Chris Tracy - Meditation Retreat

Hear directly from the global community

We work with people from all walks of life.


For those who are new to meditation and inner work, we offer simple, step-by-step instructions to build a clear and stable foundation.

Advanced Practitioners

We offer more in-depth teachings and trainings for those with an extensive background in meditation or spiritual practices. 

Charities & NGOs

We love to help those who are helping others! We offer specialised workshops for charity staff as well as the groups in society that NGOs serve.


Open Awareness


Yogic Techniques & Pranayama

Emotional Release

Heart's Truth

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Clouds in the Sky


Intro: Basic Techniques

Get a clear understanding of Open Awareness & emotional release work

1:1 Sessions

Extra support on specific topics that individuals find challenging


With NGOs, charities, and local communities to lower stress & improve emotional health

Awakening Workshops

Online group emotional release workshops across a wide variety of topics  


International in-person retreats for those interested in a deeper process of inner work 

Kriya Lightning Foundation - KLF Retreat
Kriya Lightning Foundation - Bali Retreat
Kriya Lightning Foundation - Retreat


If you are interested in these offerings, you are welcome to sign up for the Introduction to Basic Techniques online class.

The only requirement for this work is a gentle willingness to look within. 

Sign up
Kriya Lightning Foundation - Blue Mountains



attendance for online group classes


hours of 1:1 support offered


online workshops offered


countries represented in community


in-person retreats & events (since Oct 2019)


Support the work

We feel that everyone deserves access to tools
that can help them become happier and freer.

If you feel the same way, we welcome your support!

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